Taxpayer’s status confirmation is an activity conducted by government organization to obtain the said status before rendering certain public service. This activity is regulated on Directorate General of Taxes Regulation number 43/2015.

1. To check the status of a taxpayers, there are easy steps to do it. First, get access to DJP online, then enter your Tax ID, password, and security code, then click login.

2. In case KSWP menu could not be found, please activate KSWP features at first by clicking the profile menu on DJP Online dashboard. After that, click service features activation at the left side of the screen.

3. Then, please tick KSWP info column, click service features change. After that, you will be directed automatically to see the taxpayers profile data comprising tax ID number, taxpayer’s name, and taxpayer’s address.

4. After that, in the column “to complete my profile obligation”, please choose taxpayer’s status confirmation (KSWP). Then, fill in security code as shown in the picture. Thus, click “submit”.

5. After that, you would see either valid or invalid status regarding Tax ID number and Income Tax Return for the last 2 years. If both of this variable status were valid, you could use the number to participate in any government auction.

6. Nevertheless, in case the status is invalid, then, you could visit the tax office to inquire regarding KSWP status. You also could inquire through Call Centre 1500200. Don’t forget to push telephone code area. Finish. (rig).